Essay about Living The Dream By Edgar Allan Poe

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Jordan Pierce
English IV
Mrs. Steinbecker
27, February 2015 Living The Dream

Edgar Allan Poe born January 19,1809 in Boston, Massachusetts was an american short story writer,critic,and editor. Poe wrote many tales of mystery and horror. Poe captured the imagination and interest of readers around the world. As a result of his creative talents of different literary genres it gave him the nickname “Father of the Detective Story”. His life had become bit of a mystery as well. Fact and Fiction have been blurred a lot since his death. Poe was the son of a Actor and an Actress, which resulted in him not really knowing his parents at all. His Father left him and his mother really early in Poe’s life. When Poe was only three his mother had passed away. After his mother’s passing he was separated from his parents and siblings and sent to live with John and Frances Allan, who was a successful tobacco merchant from Richmond, Virginia. Poe and Frances got along very well but as for him and john they never really formed a good bond.
Poe always thought that poetry was more important than money and would sometimes write poems on the back of some of Allan’s business papers. Money was always a big deal between Edgar and John Allan, when poe went to the university of Virginia in 1826, he didnt receive enough funds from Allan to cover all the costs of college so Poe resorted to gambling to cover the differences but it did not cover enough and he ended up in debt anyway. Poe returned home…

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