Living Religions By Mary Pat Fisher Essay

750 Words Sep 21st, 2016 3 Pages
Religion is a method for people to express their beliefs freely. It allows people to communicate with each other, practice their spiritual beliefs, rituals, and social practices. Moreover, these practices are being impaired specifically to Indigenous peoples. In the book Living Religions by, Mary Pat Fisher; she explains Globalization process, and how it is becoming a complication to Indigenous people; and how development projects aroused issues with indigenous people’s land.
Indigenous signifies “native to a place”, and globalization is essentially disrupting indigenous people who are trying to preserve their land, and their ancestor’s heritage. Fisher states that “Many people are seeing the land they are supposed to be caretakers of taken over by others who have destroyed the natural environment; they are losing their grounding in local communities and lifeways, losing their language” (Fisher 59). Seeing that, the spread of globalization is ruining indigenous people daily lives because nonnative people are contaminating the land, and aren’t appreciating indigenous people custom. As the globalization process continues, the circumstances worsen. Fisher explains “the American founder of the boarding-school system for native children took them away from their families at a young age and transformed their identity, presenting the native ways as inferior and distancing. . . traditional sacred life” (Fisher 59). Not only, globalization is ravaging indigenous people culture, and…

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