Literature Review on Stress Managemant Essay

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Stress is a perceptional phenomenon resulting from a comparison between the demand on a person and his ability to cope. An imbalance in this mechanism, when coping is important, gives rise to the experience of stress, and to the stress response (Cox, 1978:25). This transactional view highlights the importance of perception and the relationship of the individual to the environment (i.e., work setting). If there is an improper fit between the individual and the environment, the individual experience stress.

There are different causes of stress as Greenberg (2003) concluded that workplace stress comes in many forms. Stress may be caused by occupational demands, role ambiguity, role conflict or
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Also listening to music can help relax and quiet down stressful nerves (Cunningham, 1997). To keep the mid calm, to be without hatred, anger and revenge, and to eliminate all bad emotions that cause fear, worry and anxiety are all important ways for reducing stress (Dalai Lama, 2001).

As we enter a new millennium, people are generally impressed and satisfied with technological developments. However there is a realisation among

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