Essay on Literature Review : An Important Part Of Research

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Literature review is an important part of research. Beginning from the identifying idea till to determine methodology and analysis framework different previous studies can help a novice and even an expert researcher. The review of literature provides us the sense of what already happened and whether is a valley of knowledge still to discover. It also shows the experience that the previous tracker undertakes and success. Mertens (2005) asserted,
“Literature reviews are important as a research tool. Especially in emerging research with population that typically yield small samples or in areas that represent value laden position adopted by advocacy group. Literature reviews are also valuable in light of the knowledge explosion and the consequent impossibility of reading everything. Therefore it is good that someone does literature review.” (p. 87).
Mine is a masters dissertation and due to my limitation of capacity I am including a small number of sample and due to limitation of time I am not in a position read a whole lot of literates thus it is important for me to be careful selective and do a proper literature.
Mertens (2005) noted 9 steps of literature review namely, review for identifying research topic, review of secondary sources to get an overview, develop a search strategy, searching literature following the strategy, obtaining title, reading and preparing bibliographic references, evaluating research reports, analyzing the research findings and synthesizing the…

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