Literature Analysis of Hamlet Essay

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Literature Analysis of Hamlet

Letitia Stevens
Introduction to the Humanities (HUM1000)
Unit 5 Literature Analysis of Hamlet
Capella University
May 2016


During the last years of Queen Elizabeth, “The Tragedy of Hamlet” was written by William Shakespeare. The father of Hamlet appeared outside of the Elsinore Castle on what seemed to a very cold night for the season that they were in. His appearance was referred to as of a warning that was leading to the killing in ancient Rome of Caesar. The presence provided Horatio and his company a suggestion that something threatening or evil had previously taken place and the would have been an offset to nature in Denmark. There was a transfer of power post the death
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his uncle. Hamlet could end it all with the mere assistance of a blade. Hamlet asked himself, which is nobler to live miserably or end the misery with one single stroke. It was Hamlet’s thoughts that things that he was going through and was weighed heavy on him were much more that average man could bear. He felt has if the next man would feel the imaginably the same if their life was full of pain and misery. Hamlet had only one thing that was keeping him from proceeding with his plan and that was the thought of life after death. “That’s the thing that confounds us and makes us put up with those evils that we know rather than hurry to others that we don’t know about. So thinking about it makes cowards of us all, and it follows that the first impulse to end our life is obscured by reflecting on it.”

Not only was the soliloquy “To be or Not to be” was a debate but in my opinion is was a point of reasoning with oneself. Hamlet had other ideas that were contrary to the thought of him taking his own life. In the play is was portrayed and raw emotions produced by a very tragic circumstance. Hamlet contemplated retaliation for the death of his father. He wanted his mother to suffer for what he thought to be pure disrespect to his father by quickly burying him and then marrying his brother, the one that murdered him. The spirit of his father would not allow him to do such thing.


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