Essay on Literary Techniques, Language, And Theme Development

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In stories authors use literary techniques, language, and theme development to establish their tone. In the stories “The Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka and “Puppy” by George Saunders use these to show the audience how their opinions on parenting. They both share their views in their stories using the same techniques even though they have different views. The view of parenting that Kafka has is that parents should not take their children for granted, they should love their children. The view that Saunders has on parenting is that parents are all different and should not judge one another, the way people parent is strongly based on how they were brought up and people should not judge one another on what they decide is best for their child. In both the stories a literary device that is strongly used is point of view. In “The Metamorphosis” the author tells the story from the man’s point of view. By telling the story from the man’s perspective it allows the ready to feel what he feels. It shows how the narrator felt the parents were acting toward them. “No plea of Gregor 's helped, no plea was even understood; however humbly he might turn his head, his father merely stamped his feet more forcefully his father gave him a hard shove, which was truly his salvation, and bleeding profusely, he flew far into his room” (Kafka). By using these words in the quote it shows that Gregor felt like he was being mistreated by his parents, if the story would have been told from another person’s…

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