Essay on Literary Rich Descriptions Of Their Sceneries

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Harris and Miller incorporate literary rich descriptions of their sceneries to demonstrate their protagonist’s rebellion against the time and setting in which they exist.
Using sensual imagery; the author and play write describe the temporal and physical settings of their creations to heighten the reader’s understanding of the contrast between Vianne and Reynaud, and the regular member’s of the strict and orderly societies of Lansquenet and Salem. Harris establishes the setting of Lansquenet before properly establishing the protagonist; describing the town “as good a place as any…no more than a blip on the fast road”. Harris effectively formulates a visual image of the town; describing the layout of the “one main street, a double row of dun-coloured half-timbered houses leaning secretively together, a few laterals running parallel like the tines of a bent fork. A church aggressively whitewashed, in a square of little shops.” (Page 12) Furthermore, Harris incorporates colour to symbolise indulgence and joy; while dark, plain colours are symbolic of devoutness, obedience and self-restraint. Vianne gazes at the people of Lansquenet, saying “they look much like all others [she and Anouk] have known; a little pale perhaps in the unaccustomed sunlight, a little drab.” They wear “headscarves and berets the colour of the hair beneath, brown, black or grey”, while their “faces are lined like last summer’s apples, eyes pushed into wrinkled flesh like marbles into old dough.” In…

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