Essay on Literary Review : Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Alexander Mayne
Professor Hald
Psychology 7
April 4, 2016
Literary Review
Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is a mental health disease that is characterized by consistent patterns of poor social conformity, deceitfulness, impulsivity, a lack of remorse, and criminal behavior. There is no consensus on the origins of antisocial personality disorder with it, it is thought to be caused by a number of both environmental and biological factors. What there is a consensus about is the drain people with this disorder have on the health care system, society, and monetarily.The question posed is to understand the specific causes for the development of this disorder so to better diagnose and treat affected individuals. Although there are many ways to investigate this disorder, there have been past studies that give credence to the idea of environmental causes that result in expression of these symptoms, so focusing in on this particular factor is the most functional for a better understanding.
The first study that researches the effect of the environment of early childhood to symptoms of antisocial personality disorder looks at five different factors: parental bonding, other personality disorders, childhood trauma, teasing, and depression, stress, and anxiety (Krastins et al., 2014). The participants in this study were randomly selected from an Australian university and the Australian general public with a resulting 411 participants with 312 females and 99 males and were assessed…

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