Essay on Literary Elements Of The Film ' Finding Neverland '

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Imagination is an extremely important guiding force for any age of human development. In finding Neverland, imagination becomes almost its own character as it grows and changes. In the film, Finding Neverland, Imagination allows the characters, James Barrie, and Peter Davies to literally switch roles of man and little boy, showing the literary elements of theme, symbolism, and point of view.
The theme of Finding Neverland is to keep your imagination alive. James Barrie, the main character of the film, is a grown man who still has a very vivid imagination. The film shows James using his imagination when he first meets the Davies family. When James first encounters the family, he comes across one of the Davies boys lies underneath a bench where James is sitting, the boy is “locked in a dungeon,” and James gives him the “key” to get out. He is showing the Davie boys that not all grown-ups are serious and keeping a healthy imagination is good. James uses his dog, Nana, as a dancing bear to help him put on a little side production for the Davie family at the park. James does this because he wants to show the boys that one can use anything, to stir the imagination and turn it into something else. As long as one believes. When James goes home one night after being with the Davie family, he has a confrontation with his wife. They go into their rooms, and when he opens his door, a “magical land” appears. James’ imagination provides him with a sense of paradise, a place of…

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