Literary Criticism And Symbolism In The Jungle, By Upton Sinclair

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Literary fiction is that which illuminates humanity 's flaws and shortcoming while propaganda is solely a form of persuasion. In The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, the author illustrates both literary fiction and propaganda through the use of a shift. He starts off by winning the hearts of his readers through pathos and ends by revealing to them the benefits of socialism.
A common argument that is based off The Jungle is whether the book is literary fiction or propaganda. Some people argue that because the book is realistic fiction and the author depicts an accurate example of what good literature is with the quality of his writing, The Jungle must be literary fiction. Others argue that because the book promotes socialism and degrades capitalism,
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When he describes the meatpacking industry, the author uses symbolism to depict the corruption in capitalistic societies. He then uses personification to allow the reader to further sympathize with the animals when he says, “the hogs; they were so innocent, they came so very trustingly; and they were so very human in their protests.” (Sinclair, 4) He additionally uses metaphors to convey the distinct and horrible aspects of poverty. When describing Jurgis 's home, the author says, “They could feel the cold as it crept in through the cracks, reaching out for them with its icy, death-dealing fingers, and they would crouch and cower and try to hide from it, all in vain” (Sinclair, 101) His specific descriptions and use of literary devices enhances the message being …show more content…
A man named Osinski tells him that “the socialists were organized in every civilized nation; it was an international political party...that greatest the world had ever known.” (Sinclair, 263) Gradually, Jurgis converted to socialism, and from that point on, the shift of literary fiction to propaganda is apparent. Sinclair himself said he “aimed for the public’s heart” when writing this novel, which is true, but once he hit the heart he went for the next best thing, the brain. As he illustrates how socialism fixes so many problems, especially those of the proletarians, he persuades his readers into supporting this form of

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