Gender Equality In The Story 'The Storm'

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The storm
In this story we identify the marriage life of two couples that are passing through out a difficult phase of their marriage. One of the approaches of the feminist theorist remark the idea that “all feminist activity, including feminist theory and literary criticism, has an ultimate goal to change the world by prompting gender equality”. The main goal of the feminist movement to promote gender equality that is illustrate in the story “the storm”. The women characters represented a devoted wife and mother responsible of her duties. They display the kindness and affection that a women should demonstrated to her family. Regarding their values, we can assumed that these couples are in a crisis since they decided to cheat on their wife/husband. The first couple the
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His wife Clarisse found appropriate to stay away longer from her husband, because she feel free and relief from the oppression of Alcee. She thought was the opportunity to begin to restore the intimate conjugal life that they were losing. In contrast, in the second couple the men is the one who performed infidelity. Back then, women was oppress in society and they were used as an object. Men used women to please their needs and serve them as if they were the maximum authority in the world. Women was restricted to education, vote, and participate in political movements. The author of “the storm” focus in the equality of gender the principle objective of the feminist movement by contrasting that women can equally cheat as men for the same reason that men can express; they are not happy with their marriage, the love is gone, or they are equally driving by their impulses of passion. The author firmly agreed with changing the ideas of women is lower than men and women is capable of doing the same thing. Not only by doing unmoral actions but stepping out from the taboos and giving themselves a place in society and be recognizable for their sacrifices towards their family that need to be more

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