Literary Analysis Of Thank You Ma Am

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Love and Care:
A Literary Analysis of Roger in “Thank You Ma’m” Everyone in the world has someone to love or is loved by a person. Those people are most often family members. More specifically, mothers and fathers. Roger, a troubled teen in “Thank You Ma’m” written by Langston Hughes does not that that loving person, and without that guidance in his life he tries to steal Mrs. Jones’s purse, an innocent victim. However, things back fire for Roger and Mrs. Jones decides to bring him home and step in as a mother figure and teaches Roger how to care. First, he does not try to steal anymore of her items. Next, he accepts the money given by Mrs. Jones and does not ask for more. Finally, Roger does not try to escape from her. As the only caring
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Jones, but he decides against it. As Mrs. Jones brings Roger home to give him talking to, she complains how Roger is a mess and contemplates washing his face herself. When they both finally get to Mrs. Jones’s boarding house she leaves the front door open giving Roger the opportunity to escape. As a result, “Roger liked the door — looked at the woman — looked the door — and went to the sink” (Hughes 19). Therefore Roger considers to leave the house. He even looks at Mrs, Jones’s still body waiting for her to tell him what to do, stay or leave. But, Roger does not give in to the tempting open door. Something in that moment changes for him and he finds that deep down he has love in his heart and he wants to be cared for by Mrs. Jones and wash up at the sink. Roger would really enjoy someone tending to him for what many feel like the first time in his entire life. He finds that love and willpower to stay because someone is that acting mother figure in his life for once. Moreover, he is allowing himself to be loved and cared for which is a new feeling for him making his character and personality change into some who is loving and caring. In conclusion, Roger finds love and care within himself with the help of a mother figure, Mrs. Jones. Roger does not attempt to steal anymore, he accepts the items from Mrs. Jones in a humble manor, and he does not run from Mrs. Jones. Roger runs into that one person that love and cares for him more then his own parents do and walks out a different person. All in all, there is always a person that love someone, whether it s someone you know or someone you have not even met

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