Linear Storytelling: A Content Analysis

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What is storytelling? Storytelling is an interactive. It involves two-way interaction between the storyteller and audiences. Storytelling is always related to the way a story or narrative is presented. In addition, by storytelling, the teller can tightly connected to the audiences where the knowledge and information is being shared.
Linear is something that is related to a straight line. It is characterized by line. In other word, linear is also a progressing from one stage to another in a single series of sequential, parallel. Linear storytelling is a story that is presented in sequential manner or order. By sequential order, the story is being told from the beginning until the end. It will be started with the beginning, forward to the middle
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This is because this linear storytelling does not need any audiences’ participation during the process. It is also known as “Passive Multimedia”. This is because this kind of story telling is fully controlled by the creator. According to Keeley (2012), sometimes, a linear storytelling content flashbacks but it is still in a chronological order which influence the main story. The purpose of flashbacks is to portray events from different spaces and times.
Linear storytelling can be found either in movies, series, presentation or games. For movies, linear storytelling usually happens when the audience watch a movie in a cinema where they have to watch the movie from the beginning to the end. As in cinema, the audience has no right to stop, rewind, forward and pause the movie. In this situation, every audience will experience same situation.
For presentations, audience have to sit and listen to the presentation from starting to the ending. Just like watching a movie in the cinema. When they try to interrupt the presentation without listening to it from the beginning to the end, they might lost some points and they do not understand what the presenter try to project. This is because, usually in any presentation, the presenter already arrange their points or data that they want to present in progressing order to make the audience focus and understand it
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They have to complete objective by objective to move to next stage. For example, to get in objective B, the player has to complete the objective A first. According to Shepard (2012), linear games have a strong beginning, middle and end where everything progressing in a straight line. For examples, Gear of War 2 (2008), Final Fantasy saga (1988-2014), Dishonored (2012), The Bioshock series (2007-2013) and more. Just like watching a movie in cinema and listen to a presentation, where the audience or players will experience the same beginning, the middle and the ending.
One of the advantages of linear storytelling is the audience will give their attentions and be concentrate on the topic. This is because the information given is organized as it is in logical order. This kind of storytelling is effective because the audience will get the information better and clear as they focus on the topics. There is also disadvantages of linear storytelling where minimal interaction occurs between the teller and the audience. Sometimes, there is no interaction at all. The audience have to listen and absorb the information given first before asking questions in order not to miss out any

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