Lincoln 's Inaugural Address : A Broad Perspective Essay

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From a broad perspective, Lincoln tenaciously embraced the notion of suppressing conflicts from erupting between the North and South alike. Venturing deeper into the specifics, he additionally elucidated upon how conflict would most definitely not break out, unless the South fostered its development. Evidence from the text that further bolsters this claim is shown when the authors state, “Lincoln’s inaugural address was firm yet conciliatory: there would be no conflict unless the South provoked it. Secession, the president declared, was wholly impractical because ‘physically speaking, we cannot separate’” (Cohen & Kennedy 421). The quote above sheds light upon how secession was ultimately deemed “unproductive” by Lincoln. This, in turn, reveals the president’s conspicuous desire to bar the further exacerbation of the looming issue of secession. In brief, two major standpoints comprise Lincoln’s stand on his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861.

Generally-speaking, the posed quotation illustrates how the North and South alike, though embracing diverging standpoints, were constantly united with one another, from a geographical standpoint. In further elaboration upon this reality, noteworthy landforms, whether it be Mississippi River or Appalachian Mountains, failed to geographically divide the localities, hence the reason why Lincoln regarded the North and South as “Siamese twins, bound inseparably together”. Evidence from the text that further bolsters this claim is…

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