Essay about Lilies Of The Field By William E. Barrett

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Lilies of the field was a faith filled adapted play written by William E Barrett. This being the first play I’ve ever attended, I had little to no knowledge of what to expect, nor did I know where this department was located. When seeing this play I took into consideration, setting, actors, costumes, lights, music, how well the actors verbalized their lines, what story was trying to be told, and what the deeper message was within this story.
Lilies of the field is set on a farm in the Arizona dessert, a large board was painted to portray the scene. The board was on a rotation device that turned and changed the setting into the dining area where the nuns and Homer Smith sat for meals and conversation. Six chairs and a table, along with basic dishes, were the center piece for most of the time that Homer and Mother Maria were engaging in conversation. Homer Smith sat on a rock many times thinking and debating his decisions. There was a café where Homer ate breakfast on Sundays while the nuns attended mass, where he conversed with Joe the server. At the café there was a bar top with barstools along with dishes and condiments. Most of the actors were dressed in normal pants and shirts: except for the nuns who wore the traditional veil, Mr. Livingston the businessman wore a white suit, and Father Gomez wore a black clerical shirt with a white tab collar along with black pants. The lighting was basic play lighting, where the lights dimmed in and out between skits and a spot light…

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