Light Of The Darkness By Lesa Cline Ransome Essays

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“Today students, we will be reading a short story. As we read silently to ourselves, I want us to practice out skills of recognizing the multiple points of view of the characters in the story. In addition, I want us to be able to expand on the concept of being persistent based off the ideas illustrated in the text. Persistence is a character trait that we have been focusing on in our readings recently. It is important as readers to find character traits while reading in order for use to engage with the text in a more meaningful way. Likewise, being able to share the perspective or point of view of the characters in the story will help us to better understand the text. We can use and practice these skills whenever we read.“

1.6 Procedures
• Before Reading: o “Today students, we will be reading a short story called Light in the Darkness by Lesa Cline-Ransome. This book tells a story about a young African American girl who is enslaved, and her journey of learning the forbidden skills of reading. Do you think reading is an important skill? How do you use reading in your daily life/what do you read?”
“Student: I used reading to read street signs, books and food items in the grocery store”
“Yes, exactly. Reading is an important part of our lives, so we can understand why the main character in the story wants to learn how to read.” o “Students, before we begin our reading, I would like to review some word mentioned in the text so everyone knows what each term means. The first…

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