Lifetime Memories Photography Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Most of the time people are only married once, and if they?re married twice, there?s often a large time period in between weddings. Because of this, a population large enough to support many weddings a year is important for an event photographer. The area we plan to cater to includes Worcester, Shrewsbury, Auburn, Oxford, Spencer and other surrounding towns and cities. There are enough people in these areas to support several event photographers already, and so in that way the market can be shown to exist in a large enough state to be profitable. Of course, the existence of these other companies in the market would make it less accessible to this company if it didn?t have the competitive advantages it …show more content…
Lifetime Memories provides the customer a choice of photographic packages, which offer different numbers and sizes of pictures, and the customer can choose the package that best fits their needs. If no package is satisfactory, a custom package might be developed, allowing the customer to get what they need.
     Though wedding and event photography is not unique in itself, Lifetime Memories has a uniqueness to it that sets it apart from its competition and that is price. The competition has high quality and good service, but it cannot beat us on price. This will be our main selling point after quality and value and will draw a large number of people. Even the wealthiest people in the world would choose a lower-cost option if the quality and service were the
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Wedding guests don?t have to fumble with cameras because there?s a professional photographer. Brides and Grooms don?t need to worry about the quality of their pictures because there?s a professional photographer. The professional photographer photographs the wedding. On the next page are the wedding packages offered by Lifetime

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