Essay on Lifestyle Analysis

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Lifestyle Analysis

Consider the following questions concerning sedentary and physically active persons. Answer each question in 75 to 125 words each in the space provided.

|Questions for both lifestyles |Sedentary person |Physically active person |
|What are this person’s nutrition needs? |People who live a sedentary lifesytel will need |A physically active person’s nutritional needs |
| |to eat fewer calories and protein than compared |are not too much different than a person who is |
| |to other active people. |less
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|Without carbs, while being very active, a |
| |diet. |personal can find it hard to keep up with what |
| | |they would like to do. |
|What are the possible health and physical |We have an epidemic in America, that epidemic is |There are some risks to too much physical |
|risks for this person’s lifestyle? |obesity and diabetes. These diseases stem |activity. Some mostly have to do with the |
| |maninly from people not having an active |heart, problems like arrhythmia, where the heart|
| |lifestyle. People who are sedentary are more |beats too fast and can lead to a heart attack. |
| |suseptable to diseases and many of us Americans | |
| |are suffering due to our lack of physical |These problems are more likely to happen in |
| |activity. |younger adults or children who have a heart |

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