Life Of Pi By Yann Martel Essay

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In the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, the main character Piscine Patel, “known to all as Pi Patel,” is a teenage Indian boy who grew up in a family-owned zoo (Martel 22). As the son of a zookeeper, Pi is around animals most of his life, which ultimately makes him aware of certain behaviors that the animals possess. For example, he recognizes that monkeys, especially Orange Juice, are friendly; whereas tigers, such as Richard Parker, were exceedingly hazardous. One day, Pi’s father unexpectedly tells him that they are moving to Canada and selling their animals. On his voyage to the New World, however, the cargo ship he was on encounters a storm and sinks; his two stories “account for the 227 days in between” the day that the ship sank and the day that he landed on the coast of Mexico (Martel 316). Martel offers two different stories that ultimately communicate an identical scenario with dissimilar characters to equate the human characters to their animal companion, which allows the human story to seem less savage.
The first story that Martel offered included mainly animals, with Pi as a witness. This story exemplifies traditional animal behavior as well as the natural aspects of the food chain. For example, the hyena eating the zebra is not an action that alerts the reader as an unacceptable means for survival. Even the hyena attacking the monkey, named Orange Juice, does not spark an immense amount of emotion, despite the fact that Pi was friends with Orange Juice. By…

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