Life Of Pi By Yann Martel Essay

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Piscine Molitor is a very diverse character featured in the novel “Life of Pi”, his character is very complex and is more than meets the eye. A person’s personality is a combination of characteristics and qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Different situations bring out a variety of different parts from someone’s personality. Many different aspects of Pi come to life throughout the book that allow the chance to understand him at a deeper level. In the novel “Life of Pi” written by Yann Martel, Pi’s true character is personified through the zebra, the hyena, the orangutan, and the tiger. The zebra, is an animal that depicts aspects of Pi’s personality.
When the zebra is introduced to the storyline, it is clear there are some similarities between the animal and Pi. One of these is the representation of the weak side of Pi. The zebra is presented to us as a helpless creature. It can do nothing, but lie there and suffer. During many parts of the novel Pi does nothing to better his situation and instead sits there and feels sorry for himself. The zebra does not even put up the slightest protest against the hyena, becoming easy prey. This correlates with younger Pi’s more docile behaviour, where he was constantly picked on by bullies and did nothing to stop it. The part of Pi that gives up and wallows in itself is shown in the following quote: “ In the morning I could not move. I was pinned by weakness to the tarpaulin. Even thinking was…

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