Essay about Life Of Me : My Life

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Life of Me
My life has been a roller coaster of both wonderful and horrible moments. Moments that I guess shaped me into the person I am today. I have been a military brat since the adorable age of two. I have lived in 22 different places in my short 26 years. My father was in the army so we moved a lot. When I was five years old I found out a secret my mother tried so hard to hide from everyone including us kids. My father whom I adored was a drunk that physically, mentally, and verbally abusing my mother. For a while, I tried to act like I didn’t know, to pretend that nothing was happening. As I got a little older I realized that I was not the only one pretending that nothing was going on. When I was seven or eight we moved to Alaska. Alaska was our favorite of all the duty stations we had been and will be. There was always something to do from sledding and snowboarding in the winter to having a “pool party” when the ice started to melt and filled up the col de sac in our neighborhood. The mountains, forests, and northern lights were so breathtaking that even as a child I could appreciate their beauty. We spent so much time outside and while it was partly because being outside was super fun, it was also to avoid our dad. One night my little brother, older sister, and I heard a lot of banging and went to investigate. We walked into my dad going after my mom and had pinned her to the floor. Realizing that we couldn’t pretend anymore, we all jump on our dad’s back trying…

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