Life Of Girls And Women By Del Johnson Essays

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In Munro’s Lives of Girls and Women, Del Johnson experiences a unique chronology of events the culminate in her coming of age, ending with a solidification of an identity for herself with her relationship with Garnet French. Aligning with Rishoi’s perspective, Del experiences her growth into adult life as a time to “assert the embodiedness of identity,” (Rishoi 12) by enjoying the sexual activity she and Garnet engage in. Del revels in the sex initially, but later finds that she is unprepared for the entanglements that Garnet expects to come along with the sex. In her experience, Del does not align with her mother’s opinion, but also does not submit to Garnet’s expectations, allowing and forcing her to “find a definition of womanhood that [she] can live with” (Rishoi 67) that does not force her to lose part of the identity that she has carefully created throughout her adolescence. Del fashions a view of womanhood that does not fit with what her mother emphasizes, an almost virginal existence, but she also does not surrender to Garnet’s view of marriage and duty. Del finds a view that is uniquely hers in that she glories in her enjoyment of sex, in addition to the knowledgeable mentality that her mother endorses, while also desiring to avoid the loss of identity that being married and having children would create. Throughout the course of “Baptizing,” Del does discover a sexual transformation to complete her coming of age, or as Rishoi describes it, the “period in life…

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