Essay Life Of Crime And Juvenile Crime

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Life Of Crime You 'll be surprised how many juvenile arrest were made in 2012. According to Jeffrey A.Butts-(Research and Evaluation, 2013), the FBI made a little more than 60,000 violent crime arrest involving youth under the age of 18 in 2012. 45 percent of that was black males. For me that number is too high. Juvenile crime can be as little as trespassing or damaging property. But they can also be as serious as sexual assault or murder. A criminal record at a young age can do so much damage to your future. It can affect education opportunities and if you are a Student-Athlete, it can ruin any opportunity you have at a scholarship. Also, more likely a criminal record will land you in prison later in life. With no aspirations or role models, many of these juveniles lose sight of any real future opportunities. As reported by panelists, juveniles are committing crimes at an even younger age. For juveniles in Pennsylvania and throughout the country , losing the risks is important to prevention. Those who have been charged should also seek out legal support and counsel to help them preserve their rights and future possibilities. Research shows that the number one leading cause in criminal activity for juveniles is the lack of role models. "One of the high risk indicators for juveniles is the lack of a father in the household"-Eversole.S(Lack Of Role Models Leads To Juvenile Criminals, 2014). Over the years , the consequences for not having a father figure at home has been…

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