Life Of A Believer Is Baptism Essay

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One of the critical steps in the life of a believer is Baptism. Baptism symbolizes and represents our recognition of Jesus Christ and affirming our belief in his life, death and resurrection. Through Baptism, God presents us with a promise of salvation and we, in turn, make a covenant before God.
With Baptism, we begin our journey to Christ and our salvation. Baptism attests to our lifelong commitment to Jesus and his ministry. Baptism incorporates all of us into a unity with Christ and the entire community of believers. As Pope Francis describes in Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments, “Baptism is the ‘door’ of faith and of Christian life” (Francis 137). It helps us to begin our Christian life. It is the first and one of the most important initiation that all of Christ 's followers must undertake. Baptism represents our second birthday; the one commemorating our coming into the Church. Yet, as Pope Francis points out in Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments, most of us seem to forget this important date. The word Baptism is derived from the Greek word baptizo, which means “immersion.” This sacrament of initiation constitutes of a physical and spiritual immersion in water and in the life, death and resurrection of Christ; it is the “washing of regeneration and of illumination” (Francis 147). Baptism is regenerating because it instigates the presence of the Holy Spirit. A presence without which salvation and the doors of Heaven remain close to us. Baptism illuminates us because it…

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