Life Is What You Make It Essay

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“Life is what you make it”, “you only get out what you put in”, these are age old mantras told time and time again to graduating classes in high schools and universities alike. As I come the end of my undergraduate degree, and tumble head first into the job hunting phase of life, I reflect on the ever pestering question, did I really get a “good” education?
While I may not be a qualified academic or teacher, as a student I have observed throughout my learning years that education is often about expanding knowledge and establishing comparative systems. Whether we like to admit it or not, if this is usually the case, how does an individual make their unique mark on the world or land that job prospect when they are constantly required to compete with other students from what an employer may consider a more “prestigious” school and therefore would mean the student had a “better” education.
As an architecture student, I started my degree with a mindset of perfectionism. Five years ago, before I even finished highschool, I stressed constantly about the choice of which university to enrol in because ultimately, a good university equals good future prospects right? Wrong, I discovered early on that all universities are actually capable of offering sufficient education and skill sets to students, and success actually comes down to an individual’s unique perspective and approach to study. Even if everyone at university was taught the exact same content, in the exact same way, your…

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