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Dawson, G., & Glaubman, R. (2001). Life is so good. New York: Penguin Books.

Richard Glaubman, an elementary school teacher from Washington State wrote this amazing book about the life of George Dawson. George Dawson was the grandson of a slave who lived for over a century. In this book Richard Glaubman attempts to retell the life experiences of George and in doing so impressively captures the attitudes not only of the times during slavery, prohibition, the great depression and segregation but Glaubman also captures the morality and spirit of a black man who lived through all these monumental events. The story starts back in pre-civil war Texas and ends with George Dawson’s learning to read at age 98 and still attending school
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George was always surprised by the places he went that didn’t have segregation and even though he liked these places he was from Texan and knew he would always return. In 1925 high school teacher John Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution. When Glaubman asked George is he remembered the trial George replied, “Was the teacher a colored man? (No) Well, then back in the 1920s that would have been white news. It had nothing to do with the colored.” (pg. 169) This may have seemed uncaring on George’s part until you considered the fact that black men were being tried and hung for raping white women in made up …show more content…
The book allowed the reader to get caught up in the time and place of the story and left the reader feeling that just like the title stated, life indeed is so good. Life Is So Good is unique in the way it lead off with present day and an interview setting between George Dawson and the author Richard Glaubman and then switched to points along a very long lived life of hard-ship and joy for the character.

Personal Reaction
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The individual accounts were very well portrayed and it was very apparent even early in the book that George Dawson was a very intelligent man regardless of his inability to read or write. I found Mr. Dawson to be an overwhelming inspiration and believe I would enjoy talking with him myself. This book put so many events into different perspectives that I previously have only ever considered from one. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. It was easy to read in a short time as you got caught up in the urgency of George’s

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