Life Is So Good. New York : Penguin Books Essay

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Dawson, G., & Glaubman, R. (2001). Life is so good. New York: Penguin Books.

Richard Glaubman, an elementary school teacher from Washington State wrote this amazing book about the life of George Dawson. George Dawson was the grandson of a slave who lived for over a century. In this book Richard Glaubman attempts to retell the life experiences of George and in doing so impressively captures the attitudes not only of the times during slavery, prohibition, the great depression and segregation but Glaubman also captures the morality and spirit of a black man who lived through all these monumental events. The story starts back in pre-civil war Texas and ends with George Dawson’s learning to read at age 98 and still attending school several years after his 100th birthday. Purpose
Glaubman’s purpose in writing this story was to shed light on the true history of the past century by comparing what he could find in history books and newspaper articles to the accounts of a man who lived through the events. George Dawson’s purpose was to visit with Glaubman and tell him his story in the context of some of the greatest events in our United States history as he remembered them. Dawson was a humble man whose life can be a lesson to all of us.
Arguments & Evidence
The majority of the chapters in the book start out with a newspaper article or some quote of significance in our history and then presents a personal account from George. In doing this, the author compares or…

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