Life At The Carlisle School Essay

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Life at the Carlisle school was very structured and regulated. There was a dress code for the children, boys wore military uniforms and girls wore dressed modeled after the victorian era. The children were not allowed to wear their moccasins, feathers or any of their fur or skins. Their physical appearance was changed drastically by the haircuts and new attire. Not only was their appearance altered, but they were no longer allowed to speak in their native tongues. If any of these rules was not followed or they broke any other rule, they were sent to the court system that was organized in a military system. Disciple was strictly enforced, and the children were made to do regular drill practice and were often beaten for trying to escape, violating any rules like speaking in their native tongues. Sometimes children were locked away in the guard-house for up to a week. The children regularly wrote to their parents, one letter from a young girl named Maggie Stands Looking said, "My dear father: AMERICAN HORSE: - I want to tell you something, and it makes me feel very glad. You tell me that my brother is married and that makes me feel very glad. My cousins, and brothers, and I are all very well, at this Carlisle School. We would like to see you again. I am always happy here, but lately I sometimes feel bad, because you tell me that my grandfather is getting very old. Tell me how my brothers are. I would like to see my brother 's wife 's picture. Tell my brother Two-Dogs to…

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