Life As A House Essay

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Life as a House

The movie Life as a House shapes a touching story about how a father changes his teenage son’s degenerate life and deformed personality in his last 4 months of life. Besides, the father (George Monroe) has a dream to build a house with his son together during his last phrase of life. One of the most essential concepts in this movie is the characteristics for adolescences. Sam, George and his ex-wife Robin’s son, is influenced by his peer Josh and he does drugs, smoking, isolates from his family and always curse the people who concern about his personal life. By forcing Sam to spend a summer with him, George knows that it is the last chance to achieve his goal with his son and he does successfully well to make Sam
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The 3rd part of the category is Identity Diffusion. It is the part when constantly searching for the meaning in life and for identity because they have not committed themselves to set of personal beliefs or an occupational path. In the movie, when Sam is touched or convinced by George, he starts to help him out and he even says “Morning” to George. It is the time when he does not know what his life is supposedly to mean but tries the path George guides him. Maybe it is the start of a new life for him. The last part of the category is Identity Achievement. This is when they have committed themselves to occupational directions and have made decisions about important life questions. This is when Sam decides to accept his family and a brand new life. He starts to be more outgoing and communicative and more friendly. Besides, after Sam knows that his father is dying, he starts to recognize his road of life and he does so many things that he does not experience before. Those are all his choices. He wants to finish his father’s dream and he decides to help him finish it. Besides, Sam tries to quite smoking and drugs.
Sam’s adolescent period before that meaningful summer is really bad and it seems that it is so difficult to change. His mom Robin has no idea what to do to help his son and so gives up on him. Sam always locks himself inside the room and always curse people including his family. After that summer, he does not only changes

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