Essay about Life And Life Of The Middle School

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As a child in middle school, I was unsure about which career path to choose. Many other students at the time pictured themselves being a fireman or a veterinarian, but I was uncertain. However, my path became clear when my grandmother suffered a heart attack that forced her to seek out a cardiologist. He ultimately saved my grandmother’s life with the placement of a pacemaker and a stint in one of her arteries. I was astonished by the way a human being was able to save another person’s life that I was forever changed. This stranger saved my grandmother within an hour of his workday and was more than likely able to make his lunch date without skipping a beat. That blew my mind, and made me realize that I too would like to effect peoples lives as he had done. After that day, I knew that I wanted to do something that would help people and prevent them from suffering the way my grandmother had. So, I set a goal for myself that day, and that goal was to become a cardiologist. In the beginning, I was unsure where to start. I was in middle school and all I had was a dream. I sought the advice of my counselor and she informed me of a program in high school that focused on health and sciences. However, to be considered I needed to have an adequate GPA and take a test to gain admission into the program. My counselor also warned me of the competitiveness of this program, which only accepted 100 students annually. I knew that I had to start somewhere, so I took on the…

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