Liberal, Conservative, and Socialist Ideals vs. Feminism Before the 20th Century

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Liberal, Conservative, and Socialist Ideals vs. Feminism before the 20th Century

Tales from the beyond, story one: a parent binds his baby girl's feet in China, so it will not grow more than five to six inches because small feet in women are a sign of elegance; story two: a wife is burned alive in India, so she can accompany her husband in death. Are these stories? No, things like this really happened in the past. They are part of the reason that contributed to the birth of the Women's Movement in the 19th century. This movement was also known as the Feminist movement because its foundation came from feminism, an ideology that developed in the 19th century, and whose main goal was to gain equality for women. The goals of the Women's
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Thanks to the technological advances made in England, and the wealth that they brought, a new middle class started to emerge in this country, and it was the women from this class that became the driving force of the women's movement during the 19th century. It was clear to them the need for this movement since they were experiencing face to face the deprivation of the rights men of their class had won. So they started working as part of the movement. The Women's movement first demanded the vote in 1832, when the "Great Reform Act" broader suffrage qualification. Their request was denied, but they continued working.

The English movement created great feminist leaders such as Harriet Hardly Taylor Mill, a great advocate for the right of women, specially the right to education. She believed that "high mental powers in women will be but an exceptional accident, until every career is open to them, and until they, as well as men, are educated for themselves and for the world-not one sex for the other."(Packet, 359) Millicent Garrett Fawcett and Emmiline Goulden Pankhurst, where two other great feminist leaders that England produced. Fawcett was the leader of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Society(NUWSS), and Pankhurst was the leader of the Women's Social and Political Union(WSPU).

Feminism, was as unsuccessful in conservative countries as it was successful in liberal countries. Conservatives, from

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