Lgbt Community : The Community Essay

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Throughout the years, the LGBT community has gained a tremendous amount of recognition from society. Their struggles have led to them getting well known by society. In fact, the community has grown so large that there are now disputes over whether a sexuality or gender identity should even be included in the community. One of the sexualities facing this struggle is asexuality. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone.Unlike celibacy, asexuals do not chose to be asexual. They are born already with a lack of sexual desire. Even though asexuality has existed for numerous years alongside homosexuals and bisexuals, many people, including the LGBT community itself, refuse to accept asexuals into their community. LGBT youth should accept Asexuals into the LGBT community because asexuality is a very diverse sexuality, asexuals deserve to have a voice in the community, and asexuals deserve a safe place where they can be accepted. Asexuality is a very diverse sexuality that constitutes one percent of the earth´s population, or 70,000,000 people. Like homosexuals, asexuals come in many different races and genders. Many people often say that all asexuals are only teenagers, however, according to the research done AVEN member Almagest in their forum post “Demographics of the asexual community”, only 17.6% of asexuals are between the age 14-17. In fact, over 60% of people who identify as asexual are between 18-24. Others may ask why diversity matters for a…

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