Lexico-Grammatical Reflection

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However, a reported form of speech that has gone through the re-orientation phase in which certain portion of the discourses are altered or deleted due to the intervention of the composer’s own accountability may lack the characteristics that a naturally occurring speech has. Moreover, in the process of the re-construction of the stories, the writer’s own world view that is shaped and influenced by social, cultural, and gender ideologies can play role in the re-production of what originally happened. This feature arguably occurs as a direct result of the phased approach to interviewing, therefore, it should be taken into account that an interviewee‟s initial free statement should be allowed to be reported without the re-orientation of the story.
6-2. Lexico-grammatical Analysis
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At the scenes where the rape occurred, the lexical items that have connotation of being “passive” and “out of control” due to the influence of alcohol consumption were used when describing how the women reacted to the rape and how their physical and emotional status were like as the below transcriptions

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