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You woke up at 5 am this morning to venture off to work for the day. Your back still aches from lifting the cardboard boxes and destroying and rebuilding palettes. You raced to your second job, only to stand on your feet for another 5 hours. As you were sitting in your car on the way home you could barely stay awake, you feel tired and sluggish. The only thing on your mind was sleep and the emptiness you felt in your lower torso. You swung into the drive thru of the closest fast food place and scarfed down an insubstantial hunk of meat on your way home and collapse into your bed. Only to wake up once again the next morning devoid of the energy you need to function for your busy and painstakingly difficult day. Instead of drowning yourself in …show more content…
I understand fully that you think this idea is ludicrous and that meat is quintessential to your survival. You’ve loved the taste of steak and every time we go to a restaurant you order a sautéed salmon. Although the taste of these foods are among your favorite things to place on your taste buds I can assure you that a vegetarian diet can provide equally amazing flavors as well as give you the energy to carry you out for your busy day. I am pleased to inform you that I have come across a multitude of reason why transitioning to a plant based diet will be better for you and more enjoyable than your current carnivorous …show more content…
It would reduce the amount of land used for farm animals. As mentioned above grain is an excellent source of iron and protein. In the US 70% of the grain grown is used to feed animals that are specifically domesticated for their meat and animal byproduct. This amount of grain could feed an immense amount of individuals and families that are in need of food. Land isn’t the only nonrenewable resource that is squandered in the production meat; the process also utilized fossil fuels and water. These resources could be used to heat homes or give water to countries who are without it. You may be thinking how we as individuals can make a dent in this immense impact. Our ecological foot print extrapolated to the amount of days and moths into years that we practice this more sustainable lifestyle will make an

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