Letter Request For My Financial Aid Award For The Fall Semester 2015

734 Words Jul 3rd, 2015 3 Pages
I am writing to request consideration for an appeal of my financial aid award for the fall semester 2015. The reason why I have not maintained satisfactory academic progress is because my home life has been been stressful and chaotic at times. I live with my mother it is just she and I. I have been through traumatic moments with my mother’s mental illness. My mother has been diagnosed with bipolar manic depressive and dealing with medication addiction during the semesters I have been a student at BCC on and off since 2009. At times I was not able to balance school and take care of her. Some of my grades suffered because of this and is the reason why Im currently financial aid probation. I have managed to be successful for the spring 2015 semester. I payed for two classes with a payment plan. I work at an elementary school and I earn $342 a month as a cafeteria and recess aide. It was a struggle to afford it but I managed to pay it off. I passed the semester with A’s. In African History 367 there were two reflection essays. I received a 19/20 on the first and a 20/20 on the second. On the midterm I got a 20/20 and a 20/20 on the final. In philosophy 101 my midterm grade was an 86 and my final an 88. I also did well on assignments. Despite finding my mom doing drugs one night and having to call the police who said the drugs was Heroine and being at police station until 2 am and still went to my 8 am class that morning. Throughout the semester I was very motivated to do…

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