Lessons From Ebol The Ebola Outbreak Essay

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Lessons from Ebola
The Ebola outbreak that began in December of 2013 ended in a global failure. The leaders of Guinea, Liberia. Sierra Leone and the World Health Organization underestimated the speed in which the Ebola epidemic would take off, devastating countries of West Africa and causing panic throughout the world. Doctors Without Borders were at the front of lines battling the disease and begging for help, but leaders were afraid to make a move and spent too much time asking questions about Ebola instead of taking action, creating loss of lives, mass chaos, and fear all over the globe (Gates, 2015). WHO and CDC have many challenges to overcome to halt the next global epidemic that will inevitably take place in the next twenty years (Gates, 2015).Consequently, they will have to put time and money into education about Ebola, create a speedy process for diagnosing and treating the disease, along with taking the proper precautions to containing the disease, and most importantly checking their egos at the door.

Education on Ebola will enhance global awareness about the disease. Moreover, knowledge of the disease will alleviate rumors, panic, and chaos. Western Africa needed respected community leaders to act as a liaison to assist in educating the community (Gates, 2015). When individuals understand the symptoms and how the disease is spread, it will assist them in seeking timely medical attention, and taking proper safeguards to not infect family and friends. Additionally,…

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