Lessons And Knowledge Of Literature Essay

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Ever gotten so into a book and at the end learned something that made you say wow? Probably not, as a matter of fact the last time you’ve ever read a reasonable book was probably your latter years in high school. Literature has taken a backseat in our generations and more people every day would rather do something else than sit and read for even a few minutes. Your now probably asking “who is this guy, and why does he want us to read”? Well reading or in other words “literature” is something that has been around for a while and should definitely be relooked at the importance it provides. Although some see literature as boring readings with senseless text, I’m here to explain that literature contains all the ideas, lessons and knowledge that this world has to offer. To begin, moral lessons are a huge part of growing up and what you probably didn’t know is that literature is the perfect thing that has embodied a bunch of moral lessons through various authors writing stories/etc. As insisted by Roe, B.D, "multicultural literature helps reader’s value people from different races, ethnic groups, and culture" (“Benefits of literature”).Now when you take into account how our world is today with race being a major topic, you can see how literature can take its effect on how people can see other people and change their views and morals within themselves. Literature itself is a great tool for learning life lessons and can be depicted to various meanings.…

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