Historical Painter: Leonardo Da Vinci

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Historical Painter: Leonardo da Vinci The Italian Renaissance was well known for the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci was well known for his curiosity with science and nature which greatly influenced his work, not only as a painter but a “sculptor, architect, inventor, military engineer, and draftsman” (Bio.com 1). Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in what is now present day Italy. At the age of five, da Vinci moved in with his grandparents and uncle in nearby Vinci. Leonardo never had a great education; it consisted of basic reading, mathematics, and writing skills. These skills were never emphasized enough for young da Vinci; however, da Vinci’s artistic abilities surfaced at a young age (Bio.com 1)
At only age 14, da Vinci
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The medium used to create this piece was oil on walnut board. This painting is the most important work created in all of Western art. This piece is well known for the woman’s elegance and an inside look into Leonardo da Vinci’s creative mind (Lady with an Ermine 1). In figure two, The Lady with an Ermine is painted a bit differently than the Mona Lisa. This painting is focused on just the figure itself; there is no background landscape like in the Mona Lisa. The background of this piece is one dark shade that helps the colors of the self-portrait stand out. The focal point of the piece is the self portrait of the woman. If this background was a landscape background instead of a plain background, it would become too busy for the eye. The brighter colors of the woman’s clothing would not draw as much attention if it weren’t for the dark undetailed background. The darker areas of the woman’s skin complexion, her necklace, and the clothing on her right shoulder contrast with the dark background. The artist da Vinci pays very close attention to the dark shadows in the Ermine and the right hand of the lady. Without these shadows the painting would be flat, and wouldn’t allow your eyes to draw to the Ermine in which the lady holds in her arms. The use of pattern and lines is carefully shown in the clothing of the figure. On one shoulder, it shows a very exquisite pattern that blends …show more content…
Each figure in the painting has exquisite details in the face and their clothing. Also, the background holds a lot of detail that creates a foundation for the entire painting. The background isn’t all one color unlike the previous artwork by da Vinci known as The Lady with an Ermine. The background consists of a room and windows; however, beyond the windows you can see the outside world. This shows that da Vinci went above and beyond to create the perfect piece. This painting is a mixture of primary and complementary colors. This is a busy painting therefore; there are a few focal points which include, the figures surrounding the table and the windows in the back of the room. The blue clothing in the painting contrast to each other because only a few figures are wearing blue clothing; however, each figure has a lighter or darker shade of blue. This allows the eye to travel throughout the piece easily. The details placed on the dishes at the table are important to note as well. Each plate sitting at the table creates a dark shadow on the white tablecloth. Without these shadows the dishes would lie flat and not look very dimensional. Lastly, is the detail in each of the figures facial expressions. Da Vinci focused a lot on the specific features of each figure. He was able to create a different inner feeling as he painted each facial expression. This is a busy piece and da Vinci took careful action when

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