Lennie's Fault In Of Mice And Men

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Most people will place blame on others before they accept it was their fault. Many people do this with the character Lennie of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. The say that he brought what happened to him on himself. This is sort of true. If you look at how he acts throughout the book you can tell that Lennie’s obsession with rabbits and other soft things as well as George and his dream of owning their own farm. You can tell that his obsession always hinders his ability to act with other people and animals is hindered. From his killing of little mice and keeping a piece of silk in his pocket as long as he can you know that keeping something soft with im at all times is always the most important thing to him. Lennie 's obsession will always hinder his actions whether it be with other animals of other people.

The first example of why Lennie’s obsession with rabbits always influences his actions with other people would be after he killed his puppy in the barn in the fifth chapter. After Curley’s wife comes in to the barn and finds Lennie there, she goes and talks to him wanting to talk to someone other than Curley for once. He sees her after a
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He stands in the doorway and crooks’ talks at him then latter with him. Lennie tells Crooks about everyone in town and how Candy is in the bunkhouse trying to figure out how many rabbits it would take to make some money on them. After that Crooks makes fun of Lennie about why George left him there and left with everyone else. Then Lennie brings up that him and George are going to have a little place and live off the fat of the land. (page 69-17[top]) In the book Lennie says ¨The rabbits we 're gonna get and I get to tend ‘em, cut grass an’ give ‘em water.¨ Even after someone has made fun of him and told him multiple times about how stupid he is he still talks about how Him and George are going to have a little farm and how he gets to tend the

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