Lemonade Analysis

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The Masterwork by Beyonce
Lemonade is a visual album written by an American singer Beyoncé. This album has bought much attention do to the content and the celebrities that are part of the album. The weekend, James Blake, Jack White and Kendrick Lamar. In the album there are songs that mainly carried a little bit of rock and hip-hop. The album was released to Tidal on April 23, 2016. In the album there are four singles “Freedom”, “Formation”, “Hold up”, and “Sorry”. The people and her fans can see that the album is breaking down into eleven chapters and they are Forgiveness, Denial, Redemption, Anger, Resurrection, Reformation, Hope, Emptiness, Apathy, Accountability and Intuition. In the album there is Self-empowerment by Beyoncé. In the whole album she seems like she is know what she is doing and we see her confidant. Who are the most disrespected women in America?

In the song “Hold Up” strength and confidence are shown. It gets attention because in the beginning it stars like if everything is a dream. She seems like she is possessed and she makes fast and weird moves while she is in the water.
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The car police says new Orleans police as everyone knows that a big disaster happen there. In the video there is a color kid dancing in front of the polices officers like making fun of them. That’s representing if they are also going to kill him like they kill all the other people just for been around doing nothing. The videos are mainly black people because that’s the message Beyoncé is trying to transmit. Everyone can be beautiful it doesn 't matter the color of his or her skin you can still be like everyone else. Not because some one has color skin they are a bad person no one should be treated different only due to the color of their skin. In the song Beyoncé is singing “I slayed. I slayed” because everyone can slayed all beauty come in different skin and

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