Legal Issues Surrounding The Biotechnology Industry Essay examples

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Biotechnology is studied through technologies and products so in today’s society our health, life, and our planet can and will be improved through science and technology. In biotechnology over the years has created legal issues in clinical research. In order to better understand biotechnology let’s start from the very beginning where the three main agencies oversee biotechnology and that’s the USDA, EPA, and FDA. These agencies allow biotechnology legally and safety be made but must be followed with regulations but it seems with so many regulations it’s affecting the biotechnology industry. Also, another role that must be followed is intellectual property rights which can have play an impact on the biotechnology industry resulting in ethical issues. Lastly, the biotech industry has created legal issues surrounding patient confidentiality especially when it comes to patients trying medical trials. There is a lot to learn in biotechnology especially all the legal aspects of it but ideally the purpose of this industry is to create a better, healthier, and safer place to live.
There are three main agencies in biotechnology the USDA, EPA, and FDA. The USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. The United States government manages programs related to food, natural resources, rural development, agriculture, and nutrition. This agency ensures U.S. citizens are safe consuming food that we area eating. Any food that’s made at a facility will be inspected making sure all…

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