Essay on Legal Issues Of Law Enforcement

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In my paper I will be discussing some main issues that law enforcement face in today society. Today 's police managers whether that be deputies, chiefs or captains all can face challenges forcing them to re think the way they handle arrest or even stopping people in general. Police face general challenges today under pressure that comes from their bosses, managers or whoever over see them. I have learned and studied from past criminal justice classes about police morale. However, this is the first time I ever had to write on to the topic that pertain to police moral about law enforcement knowing about police moral and how they apply it in everyday life. Lately, in the media cops has been showing to have poor morale and this issues continues to be, a main concern in today law enforcement locally and nationally. The reasons stated by the media vary, and some topics are old discussed stories that were not handle right or the case was closed, however lately, this is one of many reasons that law enforcement officers are finding their selves in trouble due to bad morale behavior.

As I stated earlier in my heading, officer face many new challenges that jeopardize their jobs. I also caption on how big media can be an issue but now I am going to go into moral detail how media plays a factor in one of the many problems law enforcement faces today. Law enforcement is without thought one of the most well know profession’s that many people today do as their job but law enforcement is…

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