Learning Theories Are Interrelated And Drive Essay examples

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Module 1 Reflection This learning theory activity reflects on how four main learning theories are interrelated and drive a variety of approaches used within special education and, more specifically, effective teaching practices. A Venn diagram was used to produce the interrelationship of the concepts of the Applied Behavioral Analysis, the Cognitive Strategy Instruction, the Schema Theory, and the Social Cultural Theory. This Venn diagram is broken down to four sets having thirteen places in which to place the concepts and to demonstrate the student’s understanding of how the theories are related. This reflection paper will follow the numbering on the Venn diagram, provided by the instructor, in numerical order. (see attached Venn diagram) In the numeral one location is the Cognitive Strategy Instruction (CSI). CSI is teaching the students cognitive strategies to improve their learning abilities. CSI provides the students the necessary cognitive skills to become self-regulated learners. The students are taught, using proven procedures, to apply and internalize cognitive routines, so that these routines become automatic responses (Krawec & Montague, 2012, p. 1). Moving to the numeral two location which is the commonalities between Applied Behavior Analysis and CSI. In the two location is the concept of thinking behaviors can be changed. This concept falls under metacognition. According to Krawec and Montage, metacognition is a component of CSI that assists a…

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