Learning Of English Case Study

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Main Activities:
1. Provide young students with psychosocial support during the whole project.
2. Provide young students with a course in social leadership and mechanisms for citizen participation.
3. Provide young students with a course in adaptation strategies to postconflict, peace and reconciliation.
4. Provide young students with an intensive communicative english course for academic and work purposes based on strengthening grammar, reading-writing and listening-speaking skills.
5. Provide young students with a course in US culture and its educational system.
6. Young students take either Toefl or IELTS.
Expected Outcomes:
1) 1050 Bilingual Young Students are in level B2 of English.
2) 1050 Young Students are given a Certificate of
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In addition, having a modern headquarters for teaching-learning of english would facilitate the develop of inter-institutional relationships and the exchange programs with national and international universities; it would reduce the waste of opportunities to apply for scholarship and fellowship programs abroad; it could work as an Authorized Examination Center, so learners have no longer go out to take tests when finishing an english course in town; it could give support and technical assistant to Buenaventura´s Educational System; and it would add value to Buenaventura taking into account that it is a city that possesses ports and is also the Capital of Pacific Alliance and then it would make more competitive the city as well, among other …show more content…
Conduct all legal procedures to apply for the operating license and the register of all academic programs and also apply for the certification in quality management of the modern headquarters and all academic programs according to Article 6° of Law 1651 of 2013, Decree 4904 of 2009 and Colombian Technical Standards (NTC) # 5555 and 5580 of 2007 both and NTC 4595 and 4596 of 1999 both.
5. Conduct all legal procedures to apply for becoming the modern headquarters also an Authorized Examination Center.
Expected Outcomes:
1) A Modern Headquarters for Language School is successfully built according to Colombian Technical Standards (NTC) # 4595 and 4596.
2) A Modern Headquarters and its english programs are successfully certified by Colombian Technical Standards (NTC) # 5555 and 5580.
3) A Modern Headquarters according to international and national standards working properly as a Language School.
4) A Modern Headquarters operating as an Authorized Examination Center.
5) A Modern Headquarters also operating as an English Department, which gives support and technical assistant to Buenaventura´s Public Educational

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