Learning Is An Aspect Of Life Essay

1379 Words Jan 8th, 2016 null Page
Learning is an aspect of life in order for us to accomplish anything we have to learn it first. So when it comes to explaining learning it can be a bit difficult considering it comes so natural to us. If I were to portrait this class in just a few sentences I would explain it by starting with if you are falling short when it comes to classes you need to explore your learning abilities to their full potential. Also if you seem to be succeeding don’t just leave at that share your success with those that are struggling if you are succeeding and don’t understand why explore your learning patterns and understand you’re yourself better. When I say learning patterns I mean specifically what I have learned throughout the course of this class, we have experienced a multitude of helpful Avenues. These avenues have guided me through the dark when I was confused on why I was falling short in some areas of my course work. I was totally oblivious to why this was happening and how I could fix it, until I experienced the variety of learning outlets that widened my view of learning. This was not just the type of learners it was an in depth view of strategies and habits that could be enhanced or dropped out of the picture. With this course I have grew to be a stronger learner and will forever be able to apply what I have learned in this course.
When first becoming a part of this online course I saw myself as just another piece in a puzzle and never really thought that that puzzle actually…

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