Learning From The Restricted Time Of The Classroom Essay

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In another study, Abdulateef (2013) aimed at choosing Facebook that can reinforce learning from the restricted time of the classroom. A sample of 13 EFL students were administered their writing through two distinct approaches. The selected group was given a pre-test that was included writing an essay using pen and paper. Thena Facebook group was conducted on a Facebook page by a post test and a questionnaire. In questionnaire is questioned students ' attitude utilizing Facebook for writing practice. Findings of the Facebook test proved considerable advancing in comparing to paper and pen test and the questionnaire revealed positive attitudes in applying Facebook to exercise the writing skill. Besides, the participants greatly benefited from their classmate comment and feedback.
Tawiah, Nondzor and Ahaji (2014) worked on the usage of WhatsApp and phone call in preferences of Polytechnic students in Ghana. An organized questionnaire was applied to collect data from a sample of 600 students in 3 Polytechnic classes. The scientific manifestation declared that students ' attention is shifting to WhatsApp application as their most preferred aspect of their day-to-day communications than it is to mobile voice calls. The students selected WhatsApp in conversations, including peers and mates such as sharing of academic materials. Most prefer phone calls in their formal communications. Alsaleem (2013) attempts to determine whether WhatsApp can affect writing vocabulary word choice and…

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