Learning From Afar : A Viable Resource Essay

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Learning From Afar: a Viable Resource With today’s advancement in technology, a student has more than one option to choose from when obtaining an education. For students who wish to attend a specific school located at a greater distance than the student can travel to on a regular basis, the option to attend on-campus or combining on-campus with online learning presents a big challenge for the student. In such circumstances, distance learning offers the student similar tools found in a traditional classroom setting. Even though online classrooms do share some similarities to the traditional classroom, attendance, teaching methods, and the accessibility of the course materials do somewhat differ. Compared to the traditional classroom, attendance for a distance learner offers more flexibility. While both of the online and on-campus students may have a full-time or a part-time job, a family of his own to care for, or he in some situations has to travel a great deal and at excessive distances, like the military student does, the flexibility in attendance holds more leniency as an online student compared to an on-campus student. As Stephanie Coleman, a World Wide Learn contributing writer states, “Students can “attend” a course at anytime, from anywhere.” (Coleman 2005). Which means that the student will have access to the course at any given time, day or night, to participate in class discussions, turn in homework, and so forth. And thus, this gives the student more…

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