Essay on Learning Disabilities That May Affect One 's Learning

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Learning disabilities are known as neurology based problems that may affect one’s learning. According to Learning Disabilities of America (LAD) it may impede one from acquiring certain skills such as math, reading and writing (LAD, 2015); and may interfere with higher level of skills, for instance, time planning, organization, abstract reasoning, long and short term memory and attention. It is crucial to realize that learning disabilities may have long lasting effect on one’s life as he or she learn, establishing relationship and preparing a career.
Reading curriculum and adaptations
Allowing students to gain access and make progress in the general education curriculum has become a fundamental obligation of the federal law that govern education services for students with LD. IDEA requiring schools to institute practices and guidelines to increase participation and progress in the general curriculum, including given aids and special services to the students to ensure such outcomes (IDEA, 2004). Many research has been conducted to determine the driving factors that led to student’s success in the general classroom curriculum. These factors include: a) specific designed instructions (modified instructional practices), b) student and teacher variables that are related to the curriculum access and academic progress; and c) classroom ecological and setting factors (Lee, Wehmeyer, Soukup & Palmer, 2010).
Curriculum modifications have been recognized as critical if students with LD…

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