Learning And Retaining New Information Essay

2346 Words Jun 1st, 2016 10 Pages
Learning and retaining new information can be challenging for anybody, as well as misplacing your wallet, forgetting important dates, and stressing out over big events. All of these can be difficult when there is a disorder impairing your thought process and preventing your ability to control concentration. In school, many children struggle with focusing, staying on task, bad behavior, hyperactivity, and more. While many of these children grow out of it, some cannot help but continue to act in an almost careless manner and are unable to change. Quite often, parents of children with ADHD do not notice that something is wrong and assume that they are merely disobeying them. These parents believe that their children are not applying themselves in their education which triggers them to become strict, but students with ADHD have a difficult time understanding from an adult’s point of view and why they theorize that their children are defiant. According to The U.S Department of Education “Students usually are identified [with ADHD] only after consistently demonstrating a failure to understand or follow rules or to complete required tasks” (Identifying). This has created a major problem for students because they are not receiving the special attention they need from authority figures. Teachers and parents who are not knowledgeable of the disorder pressure and set up their youth for failure. Until proper awareness of ADHD increases, children with the disability will continue to…

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