Essay about Learning Activity Worksheet : Week One

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1. The Constitution:
A. One strength of the U.S. Constitution

The United States Constitution provides the nation with many protections that are outlined and should be considered strengths. One such strength is how the Constitution guarantees citizens individual rights and how those rights are protected by the separation of powers system. According to Zietlow (2006), The rights-protecting role of Congress was central to the constitutional vision of the principal architect of our constitution, James Madison, and is enshrined in the enforcement provisions of every constitutional amendment expanding individual rights since the Reconstruction Era. Many amendments, including the famous Bill of Rights, have further the protection of individual rights. Furthermore, through the separation of powers, no one branch of government can make decisions on individual rights without ensuring it is constitutional.

B. One weakness of the U.S. Constitution

Although the United State Constitution provides its citizens with many opportunities and protections, there are some shortcomings. One such weakness in the Constitution is the difficulty that some branches of government can face when trying to make a decision and it becomes gridlocked because of the current checks and balances system. According to Teter (2013), If gridlock prevents Congress from fulfilling this function, the concept of separation of powers collapses under the weight of a nation in…

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